Brighter Days


Well Cared For is in search of Brighter Days for caregivers and those needing care. Brighter Days for those faced with a new diagnosis, a chronic illness, battling mental illness. For those in hospital without loved ones by their side. And for those taking care of friends and loved ones.


If you want to help, there are three ways to give someone a Brighter Day:

Donate to Well Cared For at the checkout purchase
    • All Tips will be donated to providing Brighter Days to people who need them.
    Buy a gift for someone in need of a Brighter Day
    • You can purchase any item on our website as a gift for a loved one, friend, or family member that is either providing or receiving care.
    Donate a service that will provide a Brighter Day
    • If you provide a service that you think will Brighten someone's day, reach out and let us know, you can offer your services for a discount or free of charge for those on our list.


    Do you know someone who is in need of Brighter Days?

    Send us their story and contact information. You can choose to remain anonymous. We will share Brighter Days gift donors and recipients information only as approved.

    Reach out to us by email at